It’s our history...

About three thousands years ago the ancient Etruscans lived and worked in lands of Maremma (Tuscany) leaving us an immensity of art treasures and superbly realized gold handicraft done with brilliant working techniques.

An almost inexhaustible source of shapes and solutions created in order to please who wear them, but also to transmit deep religious, political and social messages.

After nearly thirty years of experience in the production and deepened study of those jewels, our company has realized the "Old Line" collection completing and interpreting the style of the ancient age to modernize it to our times, the fashion and the tendencies.

All the jewels in the "Old Line" catalogue are handicraft following the ancient techniques of working of the lost wax, the filigree, the granulation and the jolt. Etruscan gold techniques of three thousands years ago used in order to forge works in 18K gold that can make live again the magical and rich fascination that only the ancient world can reserve us.

Gianni Trilli