Mostra d'arte ed oreficeria etrusca Fibula a disco - Reperto Etrusco
It’s our history...

Stimulated by a great passion on the ancient gold crafting we have tried to understand how those illustrious craftsmen built those jewels without the aid of the contemporary technology, so, with the friend and master craftman Aldo Ferdinandi, we began an experimentation path that headed to create a vast range of jewels, starting a tour of shows and a publication that described in exaustive details all necessary technical tests and methods needed to reach the scope.

Thanks to the authentic genius and the maximum profuse dedication to the study of such techniques, Aldo Ferdinandi, dedicating to the scope many years of its life, created a new innovative methodology in the sector, based on practical and not theoretical experimentation, complete of a series of brilliant, yet possible, crafting solutions for the knowledge of those ancient people, landing to what here we show you a short preview.

The project is now in it’s conclusive phase so you’ll be able to have greater information inside these pages as soon as available.

Gianni Trilli